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You'll find a variety of pictures of my family and Electric Vehcles

1994 Dodge TEVan (Electric Vehicle)

Motor Control & 10kW PFC charger

My new custom plate, 'E TRIC'

1984 Fiero SE converted to Electric

Kyle's Electric Harley - Dec 2001

AC inverter Running 230V 3-phase motor, PMDC generator

This is my frontyard

Rods House in the Summer

60KW Motor control on left, 10kw PFC charger on right

My 1995 Club Car

SAFT NiCd Batteries - 8 total

Our Currie Electric Scooter

Brushless DC Motor with Integrated Control

Elec-Trak Mower, E15

My new and improved E15 controller

275Amp speed control and GE main contactor, Smooothhh

Hower Family in Washington, DC April 2001

My Family In front of the Hower House

Our new furball persian cat

13" Compound Wound Brush Motor, 320 lbs

Brushless DC development board, TI TMS320LF2401 - my design

Brushless DC control boards - my designs

I want NO EV's or interuption of Terrorists support by gas vehicles, Do you think drugs support terrorism?, No, Oil does :-), and I want unilateral control of oil!!!!

OK George, show us the evidence. So far I have compiled a few countries that qualify under your axis of evil and support terrorism. Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, North Korea, India, China, Russia, Kuwait, Sadia Arabia, Jordan, etc. Let's blow them all up and make the world a better place for our children. (oops, nothing left of the world, but it was a good idea, right?)